Monday, June 2, 2008

hello tulsa

I am now here in Tulsa! This weekend my best friend Goldie came from Dallas to hang out and help me move into her parents' house here in Tulsa. She drove me around town yesterday which helped a bunch. I go to OKC way more so I know nothing about Tulsa. I did find a Borders today and paid that a visit.
Last night we went to see Sex and the City. And of course, I cried!! I loved the movie. It inspired me to dress up again! My closet consists of jeans and v-neck shirts. I only have 6 shoes now because I got rid of them all. So right now, it's hard to dress up. I do need to do some shopping soon!
Tomorrow I begin my internship! I'll be at the boutique Dwelling Spaces. I would love to have my own boutique in the future so hopefully my this will help me learn the ins and outs!
I'm lucky that the room I'm staying at in Tulsa is big enough to have all my sewing things!! I'll have to take a picture of my space later, my camera is low on batteries and I don't have any available.
I posted this new little guy in my etsy shop today! He reminds me of Where's Waldo!

Have a lovely night everyone!!

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