Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I start my internship tomorrow so I spent all day familiarizing myself with Tulsa! I started by getting coffee at Kaffe Bona. Delicious coffee. I drove around until I found a post office and that's when I decided I needed to eat because when I was filling out a custom slip my hands were shaky and my spelling looked like a child's! Later I found a fabric store so I bought some polka dots, stripes and birds! I want to make new coin purses now!! They will make great lining.

Tulsa seems to be really easy to get around, I didn't get lost....yet.
When I got home I ordered some shoes from Urban

Can't wait for them to make it to me!!

Can anyone in Tulsa tell me where some cool clothing shops are in town?! The mall doesn't quite cut it sometimes.

Here's my sewing space this summer


  1. Once you know the good fabric stores, you're settled. So I guess you are :) I love the fabric you bought.

    When I was younger I always wanted to go to Tulsa because Hanson (the band) are from there, and I was (err...am) a huge fan :P

  2. I love looking at other people's workspace, yours is so neat and cozy!

  3. SuperFantasticJenJune 14, 2008 at 12:51 AM

    cheap thrills is a good vintage store...and the guy that works there is super helpful and honest about the clothes...if you ever have any questions or want some more info, feel free to call me anytime! 850-3537...and I'll start thinking on some more landmarks you need to visit...