Thursday, May 15, 2008


Mustaches are everywhere! And I'll admit, I love it. Well, actually, I prefer beards- but mustache decor, I love. I did a lot of shopping online for new things for the house and I stumbled upon The Curiosity Shoppe. Lots of cool handmade stuff. That's where I came across the mustache key holder made by Ben Floeter.

I wish I had a cool entrance to put my mustache. I may have to change that.

In honor of mustachios, I'm going to share with you a simple way to add a little mustachy to your life... and walls.

1. You'll need a picture frame and some felt. My frame is a thrift store find. Thrift stores have the best picture frames!

2. Now fold your felt in half. Begin to cut on the folded end. (I'm really bad at instructions!) A suggestion is to cut out what may look like a whale! (I know, I know, leave me alone)

3. Now open up your whale and AH! It's a mustache!

4. Now place your felt mustache in the frame and.....


Wasn't that easy. Takes about a minute!

I finally finished Dwelling Spaces (tulsa, ok) and Studio 2728's (philadelphia, pa) stelabird items!

Now it's time to focus on my etsy shop.

Here are some future snugglies! I'm really excited about the tan fleece!
I best get to work now! Have a lovely day!!

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