Tuesday, May 13, 2008

tiring tuesday

Today I was determined to finish the owl snugglies and owl buddies I need to ship to Tulsa.

I still have 10 more owl buddies to finish but my head/back were killing me so I had to stop for the night. After that, I have to make a variety of items to send to Pennsylvania. So I have to start the day pretty early tomorrow!

Also in my agenda, I NEED TO UPDATE MY ETSY SHOP! I haven't in some time and after I ship to the boutique & gallery then it's stelabird.etsy.com time! I plan on a lot of new snugglies, owl buddies, pouches, felt birdies, etc. I also hope to put non bird plushies in my shop as well as purses.

I'm sleepy, goodnight all.


  1. wow, thats a whole herd of owls you got there ;)
    I'll have to take audrey with me to dwelling spaces to visit them- we love owls!

  2. I love your owls sooo much! Cute cute cute!