Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I love my old little feather pillow but it's beating me up!
I noticed these scratches on my face today

I use to get these scratches on my face all the time and I never knew why or how. My mom would always ask, "What happened here?"
I finally realized it was my beloved pillow when I was lying on it and the end of the feather stabbed me. I haven't slept with it as much after that but I did last night since I couldn't sleep. Will I ever learn my lesson?

Tonight was mosaic night with the tulsa craft mafia!

I've never done that before and it was a lot of fun! I was boring and just did checkered. I wish I could be the person who was awesome and could make cool pictures out of it!


  1. Super funny scratches. ilove the idea of having a mafia here in palm beach too, we are almost there!

  2. lol Well, try making a thick pillow case for it, maybe it'll keep the feathers from attacking your face!

  3. I do need a thicker pillow case! The one it's in now is an old one. That's what I get

  4. The same thing happened to me! We must be very delicate :)

  5. :O
    That is so odd how you get scratches from the feathers in your pillow!

    My cat bites and leaves marks like that or worse. He is a bad ass, except when he is cuddling in my arms like a baby... hehehe!