Saturday, June 21, 2008

you are a spaghetti western

Tulsa Craft Mafia's craft night yesterday was ghetto screen printing!
We had to bring an embroidery hoop, chiffon, modge podge, speedball ink, and our design.

A friend did this of Riley and it always makes me smile! So I wanted to make a shirt with it!
All you do is put the chiffon in the hoop, trace your design onto the chiffon, then modge podge where you don't want the ink to be.

Let dry, then brush on the speedball ink onto your design!! Yay! Easy! and it works decently well.
Here's a photo booth picture of the finished product

In the face it says "Riley" if you couldn't tell. I missed some spots with the modge podge!

I came to stillwater today to hang out with Riley and to work on some things! It's pretty "sweet"! You'll understand what I'm talking about soon!

In other news, I'm obsessed with Degrassi. Yes, that's correct, Degrassi. I love it. I use to watch it when I was in highschool and had digital cable. Then I went to college and I don't get the luxuries of 900 ridiculous channels. Now I'm living in Tulsa and the family I'm staying with has digital cable which means I get to indulge in some good ol' teen drama on The N!!! It's crazy cause I only watched to season 2 and now they are on season 7! And SO much has happened! I've only watched pieces here and there and I'm obsessed. Now I need to watch every episode starting at season 3! I can't believe JT died. Poor guy! Ok, I really need to stop.

Riley and I are watching some western with his dad. I do not dig westerns at all. We also rented teeth. About a girl and her private parts having teeth. hahaha yes


  1. woohoo! Your Riley shirt looks great!

  2. ahahaha! Degrassi! Oh my! The memories!!! :)