Sunday, August 10, 2008

home sweet home

As you can see, I'm excited to be back home. Back to my craft room. Back to Riley.
My intern at dwelling spaces in Tulsa is complete. Tulsa was good to me. I met a ton of awesome people. Thank you Tulsa.
Just because my intern is over doesn't mean it's easy sailing until classes! I leave tomorrow for Dallas, TX to visit my bestie! Then on Wednesday I head to Enid, OK to visit the family. Thursday is catch up day, try to write my intern final summary (10 pg) paper and perhaps a housewarming party. Friday is an exhibit one gallery event. Saturday I return to Tulsa to work at DS for the day! Monday I start class. I'm excited for this week, minus the paper due on saturday.
This is my relaxation time, hence all the typing. I better get some rest.
I hope everyone enjoys their week.


  1. Your one busy lady,wow!
    Your shop is super sweet!

    Good luck on all you adventures!


  2. So glad you made it home okay! Tulsa will be anticipating your return!

  3. wow! well have fun with all of that :-)

  4. How I wish I had a craft room...enjoy all of the things you've got coming up.

  5. I love all of your little characters, especially your owls and yetis! Best of luck with school.