Friday, August 15, 2008

last week of summer

I can not believe it is already Friday! Here's my week in some pictures!

Went to Dallas to visit my bestie, Goldie! Here we are enjoying some dave & buster's.

On Wednesday I headed home to visit my family

Returning back to Stillwater I wrote my paper about my intern and cleaned up my craft room!!
I added a table to hold my jewelry, accessories and makeup because my bathroom is too dark and small for that.

Classes begin on monday!! My final semester! A little bit bittersweet. I won't worry about that too much, I'll just enjoy it as much as I can. A busy day tomorrow for me so I must stop watching the Olympics and get some rest.


  1. Love your room! and your pics are amazing and fun!

  2. Looks like a fun week! Gotta love Dave and Busters - like Chuck E Cheese for grown ups. Cool pictures!

  3. i love love love your tattoo. i will be seeing you tomorrow lady!

  4. i have enjoyed reading thru your blog this morning and seeing the beautiful items you design