Tuesday, August 26, 2008

tiny update with sugar, please

I've been working on some little guys on sunday and yesterday. The baby yeti and his brother! Little Bigfoot!! I'll show you pictures soon enough. I laugh when I look at them, they are too much.
I just posted this yellow birdie into my shop

I can't wait to add my etsy shop with tons of new items! I'm still working on my boutique orders. I feel so slow! I'm just super behind. And I've been working on the little guys. oops!

I also want to use these awesome (lace&sequined) ribbons. But I can't touch until I've completed my orders.


  1. ooh, a yeti?
    i'm intrigued! can't wait to see it!
    mary jane

  2. So cute! I find that taking a break from orders to make something new and fresh helps :)

  3. the little bird is adorable. love the rainbow wing...

  4. Love the little yellow birdie! Way too cute!