Wednesday, August 27, 2008


A great morning working on stelabird consist of:


An upbeat, dance in my seat playlist:
*Dead disco- Metric
*Creator- Santogold
*Crimewave- Crystal Castles
*Shut up and let me go- The Ting Tings
*Love and caring- Crystal Castles
*Tony the Beat- The Sounds
*Hi- Psapp
*Through the Hosiery- Crystal Castles
*I'm good, I'm gone- Lykke Li
*Living in America- The Sounds
*Heartbeats (live)- The Knife

What keeps you going when you have a project?

This morning I've been working on owl pins (in my living room)

and as you can see I used photo booth to take the pictures, sorry for the slackin'.

I better get back to that! And here's a picture of my tattoo I got in Dallas when I went 2 weeks ago.

I said I would never get a tattoo because I couldn't think of one I would ever get. But once this one came to mind, I couldn't be without it anymore. Never say never, right? I have so many reasons for the swallow, I won't give them all but one including stelabird and also my sister has one.

enjoy your day! meow!


  1. good playlist :) I love Santogold.

    Yup, coffee and music are my two main motivators. Maybe chocolate ,too haha

    I love your tattoos.I am un-tattooed because I just can't decide what I want and where.

  2. Look at you with your awesome tattoo!! Way to go!! *lovely*

  3. Beautiful tattoo!
    Coffee and a clean workspace usually keeps me going.

  4. your tat is super cute. it actually makes me want to get a new one, but i better refrain. booo.

    i'll be in town this weekend. don't forget!!