Sunday, September 14, 2008

a bird with all the NEWs

Yesterday was another wonderful rainy day. I was in Enid in the morning hanging out with my mom and then I came home to Stillwater later that day and got to work! I had birds on my mind so I made my felt birds and then I made my new bird hooks I've been thinking about!
Here's the mess that was made. I don't have a designated place for painting so I turned our kitchen table into the spot.

and here is what came out of that mess

These wonderful bird hooks are hand painted with paint that I mixed to create the perfect color. I love mixing paint. Anyways, these bird hooks come with metal hooks to hold and a sawtooth is attached to the back for easy hanging. The bird hooks are perfect to hold your jewelry, keys, scarves, measuring tape, etc.

The bird wall hooks can be found in my shop today!
And tomorrow you will find the yetis & little bigfoots.

I hope everyone enjoys their sunday!! What are your big plans for the day?


  1. Yetis & little bigfoots? Oh that's too cool.

  2. I see one of my cuppy cakes hanging from your awesome new bird hooks! I'm honored, what a cool place for a cupcake to hang out.

    Those are awesome, and I so need one. Did you say you'll be selling them at Indie Emporium?

  3. woahhhh! totally awesome!