Friday, September 12, 2008

oh my talking bird

So I'm now trying to make things for Tulsa's craft showIndie Emporium, which is in exactly one month from now. Poly-fil was on sale today so I stocked up, hopefully this is enough. I have a feeling it is not.
I started putting together some earrings that I plan to sell

I'm all about little flower earrings so of course I would sell them!

I also decided to try something new.

Here is my bird hook! It's wood with 3 little birdies that are cut out from OSU's newspaper. I added 3 hooks to the bottom to hold keys, jewelry, accessories, etc!
I plan to make more that are different colors and of course you can find these at indie emporium. I also plan to add some into my etsy shop before then. That's the plan-and we know stela's plan don't always follow through. Life does that to me to make me look bad :)

Sorry the lighting is weird!
I better get back to work, I have a lot on my plate.

What new projects are you working on?


  1. I love the rose earrings--I'll so buy some!! I wish I was working on stuff for IE . . . but, I've been banned from crafting at the moment. bleh!!

  2. Very cute earrings! I like the bird wall hanger too! My daughter saw it and instantly asked me to buy it for her. Problem is, I would like it for myself :)

  3. yeah, I'm gonna need a pair of those earrings!

  4. i like the bird wall hanger! i'm a sucker for anything with birds! :]

    good luck at the art show!

  5. That's a hole lot of poly-fill. :P

  6. I like the polyfil corner! I find my bags of polyfil tend to bounce around my craft room, they don't seem to have a spot and are always in the way! Cute pictures of you and your helper!