Thursday, September 11, 2008

nice simple day

Today was a nice simple day.
Slept in to the nice rainy weather with Riley.
Woke up, brewed coffee, started working on finishing up the yetis and little bigfoots for Blue 7.

Riley helps me make decisions with stelabird (because I'm so indecisive) but today he gave yetis and little bigfoots life (filled them)!

It was great to have him help me. We had nothing to do all day so after that we drove to OKC to drop them off at Blue 7 and then did a little bit of shopping.
We came home and I cleaned up my craft room. Organized my fleece, felts and faux furs.

A nice simple day.


  1. lol i like the way you say he gave them life. lol you look like me &my boyfriend, exept he usually complains & plays video games. BLEH.

  2. Oh, to have a simple rainy day. :)

  3. looks like fun! nothing like curling on the couch with your significant other and making stuff on a rainy day.

  4. You look so cute crafting together! And you're so organized. I'll have to take a tip from you and clean up.

  5. A very nice day indeed!! It's nice that your sweety helps you with your craft--that's sweet :o)
    Smiles, Karen

  6. what nice bonding time :)

    p.s. i gave your blog a little award...its kinda cheesy but fun ;) there's a posting on my blog about it!

  7. Your blog is wonderful! I'll need to add this to my blog! :)
    Love seeing artists in their workspaces and work in progress; wonderful!
    All the best!

  8. so productive! Cleaning is much needed in my world as well!

  9. I love that your sweetie helps you. Hey! Maybe your sweetie can talk to my husband. My guy will help with all computer tech. stuff, but won't touch the dolls. Ah well.

    You guys look great.

  10. How cute are you two -- and how cute are the frames on the wall! I love this idea.

  11. ooo i love days like that...sleeping!!