Wednesday, September 10, 2008

hello, how are you?

I got my business cards in today from Moo!

I really liked the way they turned out. This is my first time to order business cards online, or anywhere, since I've made my last ones.

And besides class today, I'm working on yetis

Just a quick update, now back to work


  1. your work is adorable! great blog!

    P.S. I wish I had some moo cards

  2. Those are wonderful business cards!

  3. great i will have to do the same one day

  4. Ooh yes those are super cute!

    I must mention though- have you tried or had much luck with VistaPrint? I've purchased all of my promo materials from them for IE for less than $50 and I've got,
    750 business cards
    500 standard postcards
    100 oversized postcards
    25 business card magnets
    25 brochures
    20 large magnets
    10 thank you cards w/envelope

    Moos are awesome but it's so hard to use anyone else since I save so much money! Ahh!

  5. Those moo cards are awesome! I think I need to look into ordering some.

    Your yetis are looking cute :)

  6. yetis AND biz cards -- Wow! Both cute as a button! :)

  7. They look wonderful. Moo cards are awesome.

  8. Your business cards look great, I've been thinking about Moo's lately. Love your work and your blog too!

  9. My business cards arrived! I'm a very happy customer.