Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a change will do you good

I don't know how to explain this but my craft room is now in the living room.
Do you ever feel like you are hidden in your home? Well I was feeling hidden and I think Riley wanted me to be out of my room too so he moved my craft room into the living room yesterday. It'll be there for the next 2 weeks and then I'm moving back into my room. But this is a nice change of scenery. I'm calling it: The living craft room.

I'm excited because Riley offered to help me make little bigfoots and yetis for the craft show coming up. Speaking of those little boogers, I listed a yeti in my shop.

The cheese stands alone.

I got a few of these awesome cabochons in the mail today!

So I turned them into rings. I think I'm going to keep one! I like it too much.

You will be able to find them at Indie Emporium.

If you could change one thing about your life/work/school what would it be?


  1. still working on making an official craft space in my tiny new york apartment!

    a change of scenery is always refreshing!

  2. cute ring, yes move around it helps to feel refreshed doing art. i move my room so much with my craft stuff.

  3. I know the feeling...I am in the process of moving my art room. I want to work in a room with natural light!

  4. Looks like nice change and a great place to work!

    My workspace is already my living room so a little isolation might be quite nice.

  5. I have my work space in the living room as well. I love being able to be with the family while I work! It's very inspirational to be in the middle of all the commotion in the house!

  6. For Tax purposes, my wife is now going to list our entire house as buisness space. She has moved from the kitchen to the livingroom and both of us work in the garage. I , of coarse, have my small shop which was the spare bedroom. we even take pictures out in out driveway and back yard! Only the bathroom and bed room remain untouched...for now...

  7. my craft table is in it's own room, but i have a little basket of yarn and projects that travel with me to the living room. i can not crochet at home unless im watching tv! since we just moved i'm still very in love with my new craft space!

  8. Looks great! I hate been hidden in the back room.

  9. i so envy that you have a craft room/area. i LOVE the little framed spool holder above your machine too!

    my husband won't give up any space for my stuff. i have to pack it all up when guests come over. since it IS the dining room table!