Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I admire those that have a full time job and then also work with their etsy shop full time. HOW DO YOU DO IT?!
I'm graduating from Oklahoma State University this December so I'm only in 7 hours this semester, I have a part time retail job that I work at on monday, tuesday, wednesday for only a couple hours, and in between those things I do Stelabird. Well, today I worked at my retail job from 10a-5p and I must say, I'm exhausted! I'm really struggling to get the motivation to make plushies right now. I don't understand how some people work 9-5 5 days a week AND are able to make things on the side. I can't do it, psychically and mentally. Ugh. I admire those that have it in them! I wish I could. I wonder what's going to happen after I graduate. Will I have to force myself to do both? We'll see. I'm not giving up stelabird, that's for sure.

Last weekend Riley bought a scanner. And this is what happened next...

You see this lovely wall art Riley made back in the day...

Well, he scanned it

It came out beautifully so I'm using it to hold my earrings that I'm selling at Indie Emporium. We printed it on linen cover stock, which is nice and sturdy.

And finally the fabrics I've ordered are coming in! Here are a few I've received already

I love new fabric. I've already mentioned that before.

Now I'm going to have breakfast for dinner!
What's your favorite breakfast food?
I'm boring, I love scrambled eggs and hash browns!


  1. Cute fabric! My favorite breakfast for dinner food is pancakes and lucky charms:)

  2. yum! I love hashbrowns! Cheesy hashbrown casserole and sweet potato hashbrowns are good too. But my favorite is a sausage waffle (sausage mixed in the batter).

  3. If you love doing it, you can always find time to squeeze it in. i found it really helped to "hire" an intern (who works as a trade for scarves), to make tags and do various other tasks for me. When i can't keep up with orders I have someone help me sew ... I enjoy designing more than sewing anyway.
    But honestly, I love everything I've seen from Stelabird, so you better make time for it!! I have 2 of your birds hanging in my kitchen and they make me happy whenever I look at them:)

  4. I love those fabrics. great choises!

  5. Ooh. I love your blog!
    These fabrics are fantastic.

  6. Those are neat earring holders! I honestly don't know how people can be part timers either. I remember the day when I would work 50-60 hours a week and be too exhausted to do anything when I got home! I use it as a motivating factor when I don't want to carve. As bad as it might be selling my designs and wares, it's far better than working at a job. lol Hope you are able to make the leap to becioming a full timer. you're already half way there with Etsy right?

  7. I love hashbrowns too!!!

    What a cute way to display your earrings. And I love the apple fabric.

  8. Yea, I work on stelabird as much as I can!

  9. I generally pull 80+ hour weeks... Seriously: Caffeine and Cat-naps keep me going!

    I also have no kids... Now, people with kids who do it, amaze me!

    Just remember to sleep!

    I love love love everything!

  10. Cute earring displays! And the fabric . . .it's such an addiction. I love the cupcakes and apples!
    I don't know how people work all day and craft all night either! I can usually only do a little during the week and most is done on the weekend.

  11. Oh my lordy, I love the new fabrics! The cupcake and day of the dead are amazing, and I love the oranges, and are those birdies? Ok let's just go ahead and say that I love them all.

    My favorite breakfast food would have to be waffles. I like them extra crispy, with just a little bit of syrup. Sometimes I even eat them naked. I mean, not while I'M naked but without any butter or syrup. Yeah.

  12. When something is important to you, you can always make it happen! :)
    I have a full time job, plus a little one at home (and we're hoping to add a second little one to the mix!). I put as many hours as possible into my Etsy shop and at painting as I can. It's working ok so far! Yep, I get tired and frustrated, but it's sooo worth it. I'm painting more now than I ever had at any other time in my life.
    You'll be able to do it all sweetie! When it's your passion, it just works somehow. :)

  13. what a cute idea for your earring cards! I love it. And I love breakfast. Eggs over easy, hashbrowns, crispy bacon, AND waffles (I can never decide which I want, I LOVE breakfast foods!) And coffee and hot chocolate. With whipped cream. Yum.