Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i love you plumbing

Our plumbing is fixed!!!!
We've had problems for about a month now. We'd call maintenance almost 3 times a week and they would come and fix it and then a couple days later, nothing drains again. It got worse over time: anytime we flushed the toilet, did laundry, or washed dishes it would come up in the bathtub. The toilet would overflow quite frequently. It was a nasty situation. We couldn't take a shower without the water filling up above our ankles and taking all night to drain.
Around 8am maintenance came over to begin snaking the pipes again. He said he thought there were rust deposits in the pipes that were causing ridges and that could be our problem. Riley and I had to run some errands out of town and when we got back...it was a magical moment. We first flushed the toilet a couple times. Looking good. The next test, laundry. Every single time we attempted laundry it would drain into the bathtub. So I started a load. I kept checking the bathroom. NOTHING! I was so excited!!! Next, dishes! NOTHING! AH!!! I forgot what it felt like to have normal plumbing! Then I took my shower which felt like the cleanest shower I've had in a while! The water drained perfectly.

Here we are clean and happy

Today has been a busy day! I haven't had a chance to work on stelabird. Other than going out of town and making my home clean I've been working on school things, such as ordering graduation announcements, taking an online exit exam for my college loans, figuring out how to pay for my college loans, paying bills, changing my voter registration information and working on a project for class. I now need to study for an exam I have tomorrow. Oops! Slipped my mind.

Last night I filled the yetis, I now need to sew them up. I also started making owl key chains to sell at Indie Emporium.

Ok, it's study time!!


  1. Broken plumbing can really bring you down..I understand how happy you must be! :)

  2. Glad they finally got it fixed for good!

  3. So glad your problem was fixed. It's funny how we take something like plumbing for granted.

  4. The Yetis are my fav!

  5. There is nothing worse than the plumbing going bad..Glad they got that fixed for you..Owl keychains are adorable..

  6. yay! so glad you're plumbing is fixed! good luck on your exam, I'm sure you'll ace it! :)

    your creations are ADORABLE!

  7. If you've been calling the maintenance over and over again for the same reason, then maybe they're not doing they best to solve your plumbing problem? Did they even tell you what the cause of the problem was? You should hire more reliable plumber that can provide a solution to your plumbing needs. I'm sure that there's something wrong with your plumbing system that needs proper attention.

    -Katrina Spencer @ ResQPlumbing