Sunday, September 7, 2008

lazies go away

Ever since Tuesday I've been watching The Office. Every single episode was watched tuesday-saturday. This happens to me a lot, for a few days I'm a zombie. I have no motivation. I hate those days!! But I laughed a lot. So while in my zombie zone I tried to keep on track with stelabird and made owl buddies while watching season 4.

Owl snugglies have been cut out and ready to be put together!!

Indie Emporium is in one month and I haven't even started making anything for that. I'm still working on filling the boutiques! I have no one to blame but myself, so I'll stop crying.

Now let's hope the lazies don't spill over to monday.


  1. The Office is great. My husband and I watched all of the episodes, the deleted scenes and some of the audio commentaries! Yikes, obsessed much!

  2. haha that's awesome!! So did I! I love the blooper reels

  3. I think I lost three weeks of my life last summer to watching every single episode of The Office as well! The summer it has been Ugly Betty (not as good, but the episodes are longer which is a plus)

    I love the unicornasaurus!

  4. I hope you got the lazies to go away. It sounds like you have a lot to do!! Though watching the Office is a very important as well :)

  5. Love the office! When is it coming back on?

  6. The new season starts September 25th! YAY!