Saturday, October 18, 2008

Come on ya'll!!

Today was Oklahoma State University's Homecoming game!
It was a lot of fun, and we won! The name of the title of this post comes from everyone yelling "come on ya'll". I was born and raised in Oklahoma and I have heard ya'll a million times, and I can't stand it! Fans all around us just love that "word".
Here are some pictures!!

That's bullet, the beautiful horse, that runs the field each time we make a touchdown!

The game wasn't dramatic at all since Okstate was ahead the whole time so Riley and I had to create "what the hell" faces.

My mom wasn't in on it, that's her serious football face.

All in all, today was fun! I did the wave, ate some orange cotton candy, jumped up and down when we got a touchdown.

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Have a lovely Saturday! Be safe!


  1. YAY! Congrats on your win! Today was also the University of South Florida's homecoming game (that's where my boyfriend and I go)! We also won (45-13)! Looks like your weather was nicer than ours here in FL (: Congrats again!

    <3 Mannie

  2. haha, those are some fun pics!

    I love the one with the random guy yelling (or is he yawning?) in the background!

    Also - I like your blue wall + white frames in the background of the first pic!!

  3. Love your pics! Congrats on the win! You know, I grew up in NC and everyone says "ya'll" and it drives me nuts too! lol!

  4. Great pictures ~ it looks like a lot of fun to go to a game there with the horse coming on to the field!

  5. Gratz on the win! I just checked the MSU game( I don't follow football religiously) MSU was BLOWN OUT by Ohio state! how embarassing! Michigan is just having a bad...year? the overall stats are not bad for Michigan state and it looks like a winning season so far. As long as MSU beats Michigan.. I am OK with it. GO Spartains! Beat Michigan!

  6. Sounds like you guys had fun. "Ya'll" drives me crazy too, like Mary - i live in NC. I just wanna choke um'. The pics are so cute! I love pictures but maybe I*m just nosy? :P

  7. It looks like you had tons of fun! I was born in Norman, OK. BUt I was not raised there, we did a lot of traveling and now I have settled in NY.

    I will be having a blog giveaway starting tomorrow! Be sure and check it out!