Sunday, October 19, 2008

And the winner is...

Allisa Jacobs from Oregon! Congratulations on your new owl snuggly!

We are sad he is leaving us, he's so much fun

But he's very excited to be going to Portland, Oregan-it's way more exciting than Stillwater, Oklahoma. So we are excited too!

Thank you to everyone that entered!! I loved reading your book recommendations, your venting, your day, random facts, and your compliments!! I loved it all! I've decided, during this holiday season, to have another giveaway for November and December! So stay tuned for those!
Thanks again everyone! Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!


  1. The pictures you post are *BRILLIANT*!!!
    another GIVEAWAY soon!!!!!
    how lovely!
    I'll stay tuned

  2. LOL!!

    your pictures crack me up!

    Congrats Allisa!

  3. You guys crack me up!!!

  4. Aw - cute post and way to do your giveaway!

  5. love the stripes!  If Alyssa changes her mind, you can always pass owl my way!!  happy sunday!

  6. guys look like lots of fun:) Love the matching stripes! Please do another giveaway!!!!

  7. I love your matchy stripey family!!
    You should write about all the different places that your owls have been to! Like a "where are they now?" segment! :)

  8. I'm so dissapointed I lost! But I'm excited for another chance. Oregon is a great place! I'm sure he will like his new home. (Or she?)

  9. hahah you guys are SO CUTE! all matchy matchy! I love your blog! I am adding it to my blog roll right this second! who would have thought such coolness can come from Oklahoma ? Though Oklahoma is one of my fav movies!

  10. Hi! You've won my giveaway on - congratulations! Please send me your mailing info to info at Thanks!

  11. Haha!
    You two are so adorable!
    It's like you had an owl baby and now he's leaving the nest. You're an empty nester.

  12. Aww, you three are even dressed alike. How cute!

  13. cutest post ever! i love the matchy-matchy outfits :)

  14. Awww, I would have taken such good care of that little owl. :)

    You've been tagged! If you want to play along and get some promos for your site, please visit me at

  15. Your shop is so cute! I see that you are a fellow lover of felt. You stuff is great. I actually found etsy through a blog while searching for pictures of felt food. So I guess I owe my entire shop to felt. I feel inspired to write a speech now!

  16. Oh my gosh those photos are awesome. I love how you both match the owl snuggly! :-D

  17. Yay for me! I am thrilled to have one this- my little baby Jack will love his new owlie. Plus, the pictures you posted make it even more special!

    Thanks so much, Allisa

  18. Oh, how could I forget, Oregon is so excited for it's new citizen!