Monday, October 20, 2008

MEday Monday

Monday is almost over for me, but I'm still going to blog about MEday Monday!
MEday Monday=5 facts about me!!

1.I'm always cold. Cardigans are my best friend.
2.I wear color contacts. Currently Blue. I get tired with my look and I don't dye my hair, so I change my eye color. I've had green, hazel and violet.
3.I'm indecisive. I've changed my major from interior design to apparel design to apparel merchandising.
4.I'm allergic to bananas. Which is a damn shame because they are soooo yummy.
5.I love board games! But I haven't played any in a long time! That must change soon.

What's your favorite board game?

Oh, and I've added some new owl snugglies to my shop so please pay them a visit!!


  1. i'm always cold too! and i dye my hair, rather than my eye color. ;]

    my favorite board game....hmmm tough one...

  2. I have a "thing" about stuff being in my eye, so I've never had any contacts...they look really cool though. I'm more of a hair dye-er...I've had every color under the sun...and every haircut/style.

    fave board game: monopoly

  3. Can I purchase one of those mustaches online? I really want one! I'm gonna carry it around and whip it out at random, haha!

  4. I don't think has put them up yet but you should contact her and make her do it!!

  5. My favorite game is Clue. Love it so much that one day I will go on a mystery weekend. Swear it!

  6. I love the cold, Cheryl says I'm a heater! I have contacts but rarely wear them beacuse carving gets dust in your eyes ( YEEEOUCH! AAAAH GET IT OUT GET IT OUT!) So most of the time I walk around like a nerd. Anyone know what BCG's are?

  7. When I was in school I changed my major from Interior Design to Apparel Design/Merchandising too! So what are you thinking you want to do after you're finished with school?

    My fave board game... hmm.. OH! Remember "Girl Talk"? Yeahhhh!

  8. People always think I wear blue contacts...but they're just clear contacts. I stopped highlighting my hair because I liked the contrast between my light eyes and dark hair...
    But board games, huh? Remember Hungry, Hungry Hippos?! *giggle* Does that count?

  9. what would we do without the ever wonderful cardigan?!
    I *love* Scrabble something fierce. My hubby and I had to buy the official dictionary to save our marriage from my Scrabble competitiveness!

  10. I love to see the fun pictures you have on your blog!

  11. I have never heard of an allergy to bananas before! I am allergic to cinnamon, and that is rare.

    My favorite board game.............hmmmm, I don;t know, not much of a board game person but I do love me some Original Nintendo games!


  12. CLUE! I kick major ass at Clue! ;)