Tuesday, October 21, 2008

today's plan

1. Ship merchandise (check)
2. Add new items to my shop (kinda check, I plan to add more throughout the day). Here's what I've added so far
Day of the Dead pouch

Apple pouch

Who Gives a Hoot wall art

3. Make merchandise to give to the boutiques I sell with. I have to make some owl snugglies and yetis.

Wow, only 3! That's nice. Well, actually only 2! #3 will probably take most of the day but at least it's something fun.
What's on your agenda today?


  1. Dude! Awesome; I love anything to do with Day of the Dead. Found you in the etsy blog thread... gonna keep watchin' this one, I think. :)

  2. cute pouches! reminds me that I'm supposed to list some new stuff today

  3. Love that little apple pouch!
    Have to go finish sewing something I was working on yesterday!
    hoping to post about it soon..
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. Love the day of the dead pouch!

  5. been at work all day and can't wait to get home and craft! :)

  6. Love the pouches, especially the apple pouch. :)

  7. I took out our air conditioner today! I'm fairly certain the days will continue to get colder from now on. Hmm pouches must ne "in" on etsy, eh?