Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have a couple hours before I go to my next class and I'm bored. I should be making stuff but I want to leave that for tonight! I have a problem with missing class because of stelabird. Once I start I can't stop, or I lose track of time. So I have to wait till later. Riley is being occupied with video games, he seems to indulge in them more in the fall/winter.
Here's me being sad about video games taking over Riley's life

I seem to be begging for attention here

and meow

I played with a yeti & little bigfoot

But they get too crazy for me. It's rainy which makes my energy level pretty low and relax.

I got new fabrics in a couple days ago! I can't wait to cut into them tonight!

Have you started preparing for the holidays?
I have not.


  1. lol Aww!! You are in the same boat as me! I asked Justin if he*d be done soon so we could hang out. I*m bored too! Have fun at class!

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean about boys and their videogames.. my roommate and I fighting for any attention we can get from our boyfriends!

    I haven't done anything for any holiday yet.. not even halloween and that's my favorite! (Partly because the 30th is my birthday!)

    I do intend on getting a cute little tree for my apartment this year.. maybe one of those little tinsel trees from michaels!

  3. boys and video games...what is the attraction?! My husband is going to be 28 and still plays! I have done nothing about the holidays yet except kind of work on card designs.

  4. Cute post! I love the Sugar Skull fabric. = 0

  5. I am so glad my boyfriend lives on his own now... He used to live with a guy with a X-box 360... I would come over after work on saturday and they still would be wearing their pajamas playing halo... fuck HALO and the UFO they rode in on!

  6. yep... boys and videogames....! :/

  7. As former addict to video games, I can't explain it. It's a kinda drug. ( BTW there IS a way you can distract him.. trust me!) Anyway the holidays have snuck up on both of us. CHeryl is frantically trying to keep up and I'm getting more busy. I hope I have more days like today!

  8. you crack me up! My hubby does the same thing with video games. and now he can buy them online directly from the game system, so he always has some new thing. oh, and did i mention that our cable "magically" works all of sudden? yeah, it's a hopeless cause!

  9. It's raining here, too. I don't feel very motivated on rainy days--especially since I can't find my cute rainboots!

  10. I know how that is! D;
    aww yeti!

  11. I have started a little bit of online shopping.. I'm trying to do ALL my christmas shopping on Etsy this year! Woooo!!
    I love the begging for attention picture. I definitely do that when Evan starts playing his games and I get all bored :).

  12. My husband has been sucked into Xbox 360 as of late :)

    For the holidays I put up some holiday photos...and that is all. I keep planning to do stuff, but it never gets done.