Saturday, October 4, 2008

hello flutterby

I LOVE giveaways. Lots of etsy sellers are hosting them on their blog and I think it's a great idea! I, too, will be hosting one later this month.
Anyways, I came across Pamela Angus's blog when she was having a giveaway.
She was offering her flutterbys.

Aren't they beautiful?! I was really excited about this giveaway and entered.
2 weeks later she announced the winner, and yes it was me!!! I never win anything so I was soooo excited that out of all the people that entered, little ol' me won a beautiful flutterby!! I got to choose my color and I chose yellow. And it came in the mail today!

Oh I'm so in love! I need to get another flutterby soon so she can have a friend. I love to have pairs of things around the house. I also need to find the perfect place to put it!
You can visit Pamela's etsy shop here!

Also it took two weeks for someone to do something to our obama/biden sign. They covered it with a sticker saying vote for jimmy, as in the sandwich shop. So when I returned home last night I saw it and was able to take it off without much damage. I knew something was bound to happen, just didn't know what yet. At least we still have it in one piece and fully readable.


  1. love that butterfly! soo pretty. On monday I am having a giveaway on my blog :)

  2. coll butterfly. you shoudl put it in the window to catch some light.

  3. Hi there,
    What a lovely flutterby and you look so cute! Just found your blog via a link on Hoyden Designs and thought your blog name was STEAL A BIRD. That's how tired I am. Steal a bird? Intriguing!

  4. Yay for winning! Cute butterfly!

  5. I love giveaways! I really like the yellow one you chose and am eye-ing the green for moi!

  6. aw darn i didnt win lol

    congrats to you!

  7. Yay! it arrived :) so glad you like him - I love the photograph of you holding him!!

    thanks for entering the givaway!!

    Pam x

  8. Oh how I would have love to have won, You are very lucky! Congrats!

  9. that Pamela Angus is a genius and she makes such gorgeous things ...

    i want everything she makes ...its frightening


    well done!!!


  10. You are so lucky! Those butterflies are incredibly gorgeous! I want a whole flock of them!
    ~Emily in Norway