Sunday, October 5, 2008

snuggly sunday

I had an owl snuggly saturday-sewing 10 of their eyes on, filling them, and sewing them up while watching the mythbusters marathon.

and now today is owl snuggly sunday-filling 10 more and sewing them up.

What are your plans for sunday? Being productive? Relaxing? Stressing?


  1. Your hubby and mind look alike, except mine never pulls his hair back. Here is mine when our middle child was a baby

    They make the best hubby's dont they!?


  2. We spent Sunday finding the best spots to use our laptops! We just got some new air cards for them and wanted to find the best spots in the house to get a good signal. We also took some picutres of new items we will be posting soon.

  3. Wow that is a whole lot of owls! Love them!

  4. What a lot of work!
    Thanks for passing by :)

  5. I was out with some friends last night and they started talking about Dwelling Spaces and the cute owls there and I was like "I know the girl who makes those!!" Just wanted to let you know they all love your snugglies! (Chi Omegas tend to have an unhealthy obsession with owls.. :)