Sunday, October 26, 2008

mr. and miss music

Stelabird's Top 5 Songs of the Week!
1. race for the prize-flaming lips
2. car alarm- the sea and cake
3. lights out- santogold
4. through the hosiery- crystal castles
5. again and again- the bird and the bee

I also just joined You should join too and be your own dj!

So while blogging the above, Riley and I have abc family on and Teen Witch is playing. I've included a clip for you to watch because while we watched it unfold in front of us we cringed and covered our eyes and cried and simply felt embarrassed. We really did. So, a clip is included so you can share that moment with us. Just to think, 20 years ago that was really awesome. Yea, probably not.

What are you currently listening to?


  1. aw you two are always the cutest and fun! id so hang out with youtwo... youd like my bf too he is very musical!

    check out


  2. haha:) yes, that part of the movie is unimaginable brilliant.
    it's indeed sad
    (now listening sonic youth-the sprawl)

  3. ok seriously.... THAT VIDEO CLIP had me cracking up!!! I have never seen that movie and now I REALLY want to. I mean it's almost beyond words.. how... BAD that was! Wow! Thanks for sharing that!!

  4. That was really funny. I haven't ever seen that movie, now I know why. :)
    Currently listening to: Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This To Memory

  5. Your blog is very sweet. I found you through your comment on Amy's Spitting Image. Love your Yeti ornament. Is it an ornament? Do you know about The Backyardigans? A little kid show. Well, they sing about a Yeti and his smell. Very cute! And catchy!

  6. hahha oh my gosh I saw this at a drag theater... SO FUNNY... I love her "rap" she does... at the theater the drags reenact the scenes and its so funny!

  7. sorry, i couldn't watch it. I'm going to have nightmares now...thanks.

    Favorite music? Elle Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Barbershop quartets, Diane Krall, And wait for it... Avril LAvine. also most '80's rock. Def lepard, twisted sister, the Police.. am I showing my age?

  8. omgosh, i *love*! I have the player embedded on myspace.

  9. I loved teen witch as a youngster. I saw it again a few years ago. It does NOT hold up. :P

  10. Aww you two are so cute!

    OMG that clip is so funny! I've seen that movie a couple of times and actually had a boom box like that in my room. LOL

    Right now I am listening to "Take On Me" by A-Ha ;)

  11. What kind of a recorder is that you are playing?! It's cracking me up (although I am sure you are a very serious player...)

    Currently listening to: She & Him


    dude.. too halarious..

  13. It's a melodica!
    It sounds similar to an accordian
    it's pretty fun

  14. this is one of my favorite movies of all times! This totally makes it! ha..gotta love the 80's

  15. that is so funny that you have a husband just bought one for fun! I will have to take a picture of him with it!

  16. race for the prize is my fave Flaming Lips song. i haven't been listening to music much lately, but this morning i was playing bat for lashes and the shout out louds.

  17. okay, so my mom called me to make sure i didn't miss teen witch this weekend. she got us the video of it when me and my sister were little because it was on sale for $5 at best buy and we watched it all the time.

    that part of the movie is my ultimate favorite! i made my boyfriend and friend that was in town watch it and they are two new fans!