Saturday, October 25, 2008

sleeping in is excellent

So, last night I decided to join Twitter. I've been hearing a lot about it lately and how it's a great marketing tool. You follow people and have followers, which I hate that name. Sounds a bit creepy. I'm following you. Could you hear my creep voice?! So if you have a twitter, wanna be creeps together and follow each other?

I also updated my Flickr. I'll probably finish updating that today.

So, confession, I sometimes google myself. I do! And you do too! Don't lie. Anyways, I love to google stelabird because I find blogs that have mentioned me that I didn't know about. And this always makes my day! I also found someone on ebay with the name stelabird, but I don't think they sell stuff. So, if you sell on ebay and someone named stelabird buys from you, that's not me! I'm knittingstelystar :). Cool name, I know! ha! I actually haven't been on ebay in years.

Oh and also, I won a giveaway!!!
I got this awesome half yard of Mini Modular by Alexander Henry from Bee Sqaure Fabrics!

I can't wait to use it today!!

What projects are you working on today?
Are you just enjoying your weekend?
I plan to do a little of both!


  1. thats so funny, I just joined Twitter yesterday! :)

  2. I myself fear twitter. I think I'd get toooooo addicted to it....

  3. I have been curious about twitter for a while now! I just joined and I'm following you! I don't really get what it is yet?

  4. I twittered you! I started mine 3 days ago... its addicting but lame at the same time.. I need more cool twitters... glad you joined!

  5. I must be out of the loop, I haven't heard of twitter (how could this be???) I am on flickr though and LOVE it! I've actually sold several paintings (some of which I hadnt planned to) from people seeing stuff on there.
    I must check out this creepy twitter....I'm trying to get rid of a cold this weekend ;( and paint my little heart out~
    Have a good weekend

  6. congrats on winning the giveaway!!

  7. you lucky winner! ;)
    Have a lovely Sunday!!

  8. I'm just figuring the whole Twitter thing out myself! Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

  9. I So just googled myself for the first time and saw some of my etsy items listed on a site I've never seen before..................what the?

  10. I'm still not so sure about Twitter... maybe I'm one of those slow adopters... hmm.. I think maybe it's the whole followers bit that creeps me out. But I can imagine I'll eventually fall into it as I have to every other social networking tool in existence! Ha!
    I made something today too - an apron! It's cu-u-uuteee. I'm posting pics of it on my blog later today :).

  11. Congrats on winning that fabric! I had my eyes on it :) Guess I can't ask for more though after winning your owlie last week. Wanted to let you know I posted about it on my blog.
    I just joined twitter recently too, but haven't used it yet...the following thing is a bit creepy :)