Tuesday, November 18, 2008

give us cookies or give us death

So Riley and I have come to the conclusion that if a stranger came into the house they would think we had a 5 year old, or that 5 year olds were living there by themselves.
Last night we ran to the grocery store for milk and also ended up getting trix, lucky charms, cheese dip, sugar cookies and turtle cookies. I didn't pay attention how terrible our cart looked until we passed by a man with "real food". Then we got home and started putting groceries away and decided...we are definitely big kids. Unhealthy big kids. Colas, roman noodles, spaghetti -o's, pizza, ABC soup, cookies, the terrible list goes on!
But I love cookies, I don't think I could give those up. Especially these sugar cookies!

I have a lot I need to do today and I'm just kinda bumming around right now!
I need to finish my raghooking for my decorative fabrics class

How ugly is that? haha All my projects for that class turn out super ugly. That is why I haven't showed you any of them!
I have a merchandising assignment I need to work on and I also need to go to the post office. I'm shipping to Australia today! I haven't shipped there before, so I'm excited! Little things like that make my day.
Added some new items to the shop, so please check those out!

What's your favorite Christmas song?
I love sleigh ride by either Leroy Anderson or Carpenters!

We got our Pumpkin Ginger Sandwich cookies and homemade maple marshmallows in from Whimsy and Spice!

Riley retrieved the package and said it was for me from Whimsy and Spice and I screamed. Seriously. I was really excited. I haven't bought edibles online before so this was a first. Let me tell you that these cookies are AMAZING!!
We are saving the marshmallows for Thursday when we get Riley's mom's homemade cocoa, but I know those won't fail me!
Today is turning out to be a rockin' day so far.


  1. The funny thing is, if I didn't have kids, I'd totally buy nothing but Lucky Charms & cookies :P

    I love Brett Dennen's song "The Holidays are Here (and We're Still At War)"...but it's not a happy Christmas song. I'm such a scrooge! Help me get in the spirit!

  2. Is being super wired on sugar how you accomplish all that you do? Seriously, I'm throwing out my Special K and grabbing some Cookie Crisp!

    Renee :)

  3. Your blog cracks me up! You and Riley remind me of my husband and myself! We have movie nights and go to the store and stock up on candy, cookies, hot pockets and chips. The sales people think we are crazy! I have been dying to buy food on etsy but have been a little scared..maybe I will take the leap!

    My favorite Christmas song is Carol of the Bells...yay it is almost Christmas:)

  4. haha! I love your "super excited for the cookies in the mail" photo! I'm sitting here at my desk at work, and your excitement totally rubbed off...I'm almost excited about sitting at my desk!

    Enjoy your cookies (and lucky charms, and alphabet soup....)

    Oh, and as for favorite Christmas song...It's been too long to remember, but last year we bought the Sufjan Stevens Christmas Box set of CDs (our tradition is to buy a new Christmas CD each year). It is amazing.

    Do you like how I nearly wrote an entire blog post in my comments?

  5. You 2 are seriously the cutest couple ever. :)
    I still like to get things like that; they are super comfort foods! They make you happy. And those seem to be a very adult brand of sugar cookies, so you're not completely lost! ;)
    My favorite christmas song has to be the Dean Martin version of "Baby It's Cold Outside". I love it!

  6. and I thought your raghook looked like a russian man in the making! (you know, the big steroe-typical hat....)

  7. You have to let us know how those marshmallows are! I have some hearted on Etsy right now. Mmmmm they look super yummy.


  8. Favorite Christmas song the last couple years: Bing Crosby - Christmas in Killarney

    ANd I'm totally jealous of your whimsy and spice cookies! I've been seriously eyeballing those cookies for months!

    BTW your blog is my favorite blog ever...hands down :)

  9. Ah, how fun is it to be an adult and buy whatever you want at the store? I'm always searching for the perfect hot chocolate drink...spiced chai from Sams is now #1 on my list. ;)

  10. HAha, hilarious. I have been trying to buy less and less boxed things, but the last time we went to the grocery store we weren't quite as good.

    I can't pick one favorite Christmas song! I kind of love all of them, but I might say Baby it's cold outside. I love the version from the Elf Soundtrack!

  11. I like the look of your rag/rug hooking fabric! I assumed you were going to turn it into some little monster.

    Your post makes me want to bake for you. I love sending sugar cookies so look out!

  12. gotta love cookies! Cheryl and I are the same way. No kids and house full of bad for you food. that is when we are not eating out at our local cafe'

  13. Love your Christmas ornament below!
    Sandra Evertson

  14. Hey! I'm a fellow okie blogger. I added you to my blogroll. :)

  15. i could live on trix cereal & cookies! yummy! I*ve never tried those sugar cookies before. I*m checking out the wimsy cookies though!!

  16. But, those are Pepperidge Farm cookies, so you are totally sophisticated 5 year olds!!

    (My 5 year old loves pepperidge farm milk chocolate milanos)

  17. OMG! Those Pumkin Ginger cookies sound awesome. I may have to get me some.