Wednesday, November 5, 2008

(I can't think of a title for the life of me)

Today, besides class, I've been busy making felt birdies!

It's been cloudy all day and severe thunderstorms are coming in so it's pretty dark here and I wasn't able to take pictures today to post any of these guys in my shop. I wish I could stay in tonight but I have another class in an hour. It feels like such a lazy day today, I'm still wearing my glasses!

Here's a new pouch I listed in my shop yesterday!

I love the little deers dancing around! So cute!

How's your Wednesday going?
On a final note, I must say, last night felt so surreal.
I'm so proud to be able to say: President Obama


  1. Aw, that deer bag is SO cute. Love the fabric! Its getting dark here now and the storm is coming....yay!~

  2. Your birdies are so sweet. I have been busy working away on cards and ornaments today.

  3. I like your birdies and your deer bag! I must say, I too, am proud to say President Obama (:

  4. I love those birdies!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for you input!

  5. The birdies are so adorable!

    It was such an awesome night last night! I was in a wine bar (in Oregon, very Obama) and everyone just started cheering. It was amazing!


  6. so cute! I love that deer fabric! I ran out of my kawaii fabrics!

  7. The birdies are oh-so-cute! That deer pouch is very adorable too! :)

  8. cute!

    The sound of "President Obama" makes me smile every time I hear it :)

  9. I'm gonna be making ornaments too soon!
    Wayyyyy too much fun!

  10. Your title did the job - maybe me laugh and take a longer look.

    Just surfing through.

    Born in OKC myself, and have two girls there living now. I always routed for the Cowboys, over the Sooners.

  11. The birdies are too cute! I am patiently waiting, however, to see if any tiny Yeti ornaments wander into your shop... ;)

  12. Oh this pouch is so cute!!! the fabric is splendid..
    and the birdies too!!!

  13. the yeti ornaments shall be entering the shop early next week!! Yay!

  14. oh those little birds are so TWEET...
    ha ha do you see what i did there?