Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Riley and I went to vote at 8am this morning!!

This is the second time I voted! And I'm happy to say I've never voted for George Bush.
We walked to our polling place and for some reason I expected to wait. But we walked right in and voted and it only took about 5 minutes tops. I should have known, I live in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Have you voted today?
Any problems or funny stories while waiting in line?

Happy Election Day everyone! Do your part and vote!


United States Of America's 44th President:
President Barack Obama


  1. I have to wait till hubby gets home from work and then Im voting!


  2. I voted on Friday, but I saved my little "I Voted" sticker and am wearing it again today.

    Yeah, I'm a bit of a dork...

  3. I have my "I voted" sticker on right now, too! Yippee!
    I'm am so excited to hear the results, more than any other election I think. *happy thoughts!*

  4. Glad to hear you didn't have any troubles with lines! I voted Saturday morning and actually had to wait in line for about ten minutes; Not long, I was lucky! My polling place is back home, so I had to drive back (only about an hour and half from my apartment) and vote early so my boyfriend & I wouldn't miss classes. This election was also my second time voting (: The young vote really counts this year!

  5. I didn't have to wait either. I had brought a book with me thinking I would have to, but I walked right in. I didn't get a sticker though because our polling station didn't have any (I was pretty sad over that, but I think I'm over it now).

  6. I too exercised my right to vote today :0 alas, no funny stories...aside from trying to spell my last name to the little old ladies running the place, evidently my name is impossible to say AND spell! ;)

  7. I voted Friday too. Now my & the boyfriend are watching the race on CNN. No good stories but these 2 people were arguing over why you shouldnt vote for either.

  8. Awsome! I voted early too and wore my sticker today as well and got my free coffee at Starbucks. Go Obama! woo hoo!

  9. enjoy your election night guys. Great blog ;)