Monday, January 12, 2009

he did it

Riley cut his hair!!
He hasn't had it cut in 3 years-so this was pretty monumental.
He usually wears it in a bun so I would sometimes forget how long it was.


I've never seen him with short hair, but I really like it, he looks really good.

Also I've added the pins to my shop!

I also brought back the measuring tape pouch for all the crafty ladies!

That's it for news my friends.
Oh, I still have my Christmas tree up and I still turn the lights on. I always have a hard time taking the tree down.
Change is in the air folks.
What are you changing today?


  1. His hair looks nice short! I love the brooches you've made! I've had my eye on the tape measure pouch for some time.. I love the colors in the one you showed! Change is in the air, yes... I am apart of the Pantry Challenge 2009. It's a really neat idea... and I really hope it helps me waste less, save more, and get organized!


  2. Haircuts are crazy! His looks good, aren't you glad? :) Josh cuts his hair about once a year, the difference is always so shocking.

    Change: My business, for the better! I'm mailing off my new portfolio and sales stuff for the new store I'm in :) So exciting!

    We missed you yesterday at the meeting! Can't wait till you're living in T-Town :)

  3. Riley's hair looks great!

    I love the new pins, especially the ♥s.

    Change: hrmm...not much for today.

  4. Wow! He looks awesome in short hair!

  5. He looks a lot better with short hair. Very cool and very brave.

  6. Wow, that's a serious change! His hair looks great! I love a short-haired man myself!

  7. Wow, 3 years. Must have been hard to cut.

    I wont be changing anything today, kind of lazy today... Maybe tomorrow?


  8. Soooo, I thought I was prepared after reading your blog about the Light Box your purchased ... but no.

    I opened it so carefully, slow and with my head pulled back. I STILL managed to hit my self in the face. Even with your warnings!


  9. his hair looks GOOD! congrats to newness