Sunday, January 11, 2009

It was bound to happen

My new crafty little brooches will be in my shop tomorrow!

How is your Sunday so far? Guess what I've been up to today...reading Closed Threads!
It replaces celebrity gossip for me! My new guilty pleasure. Closed threads is a blog of all the closed threads in the etsy forums. Some people are amazing on there! The things that are said! Whew, it's ridiculous.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Also, today, I was featured on Karen's blog, Fatally Cute!! So be sure to check that out


  1. Oh no I was reading closed threads too. I wasted like a good half hour.

    I love the brooches and I wanted to let you know that I featured you on my blog today!

  2. hahah yes I am so going to read that blog... Seriously people on Etsy are CRAZY... They take something that is sooo not offensive and make it into this huge deal... its pathetic and I think that people just do it to piss people off... Off to read..

    P.S. This is going to sound sssoo weird but I had a dream that I met you... HAHAHA It was so random... I saw your "car" and it said "stelabird" so I went to talk to you... HAHAHAH... WWWOOOOOOOOWWW

  3. That is to funny. I had no idea there was a site for closed threads.

    Jo :)

  4. The brooches are so cute!

    I did not know there was a closed thread blog! How fun is that?

  5. What a cute hedgehog brooch!


  6. Cute brooches! Hedgehogs must be in the air -- I put one on my wristlet today! I didn't know about the closed threads -- I'm going to check those out!

  7. Uhhh! I can't believe you read those! How shameful! I'm guessing that most of them are 12-14 year old kids looking for the attention their parents are not giving them. My wife found them appauling and facinating at the same time. Go figure!