Monday, January 19, 2009

It's going to be a good week

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!
I've been making snugglies this fine chilly day.

Trying to stay in my corner of the house getting things done, staying on track. I had an extremely lazy weekend so I'm trying to start the week off with a bang.

I did stray a little..

So my handsome distraction made me another pot of coffee and left the house to do something productive.
I wanted a mini break and I thought blogging was the perfect solution.
So I guess I'll get back to work now! Expect new items in my shop tomorrow!

What are you doing today?

(Who's excited about tomorrow!!?!)


  1. As a fellow Okie (Ponca City) I had to comment on your blog, saw the link in twitter. I love owls as toys, ceramic, anything under the sun. Nice blog:)

  2. today painting away and going to the doctors with my dad. have a good one!

  3. I think Brook might need one of your snugglies... they are so cute!!! Every time I see a new one I love it more!

  4. I didn't do too much today...I really need to work on being more productive on these cold winter days! Can't wait to see your new items! Have a great productive rest of the day!

  5. oops i think i sent you two messages:) hehe

  6. I started to tackle my Etsy To Do list today but only actually crossed off one thing. Sometimes one necklace will take a whole lot out of ya. I've been kind of slacking so I'm slowly getting back into the groove of creating stuff again.

  7. I love your cute posts!!

    Vacation day today! Did a lot of nothing! :D

  8. Here's to a good and productive week! Cute photos, all of it. :)

  9. Oh man. I LOVE the doughnut. I want! Hmmmm, I see another purchase in my future. Add to my birthday purchases?

    I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I'm revamping my blog/shop/newest shop. New shop in the works: little paper.

    Also, I'd love to hear your response to my blog question. Even though I can already guess what people have said...


  10. Love your snugglies. Very nice blog too:)

    Have a wonderful day today:):)

  11. I have just discovered your blog and I adore your work

  12. OWL SNUGGLIES! *squeals* They're so cute! *goes to check them out*

  13. like the earrings.
    out of curiosity,
    how did you make them?