Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Notebooks

I love to organize.
I love to write things down. Old school, pencil & paper. I have problems keeping track of my calender on my computer, I do much better with writing it down in my planner.
I constantly have little ideas but I sometimes forget.
So I have The Notebooks.

The Sketchbook.
Where I draw the little guys in my mind in hopes of turning them into a plush.

The Idea Book.
I list the little things that pop into my head; how to improve the shop, when I should have a giveaway/sale, etc.

The Sales Book.
All the info on a post-it, with when it ships, where it goes.

How do you organize?

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  1. I'd say you're way more organized than me! I do love writing things down though, regardless of what it is. I've got a little notebook that I brainstorm in, but it's also where I make grocery lists & etc.

    It'd probably do me some good to get a few more notebooks!

  2. I am also a pen and paper girl. Love my sketch books and all of my lists too.

  3. I keep a workbook! Everything goes in it -- sketches, notes, to do lists, little stories about my weekend -- everything except the money stuff, which I keep in excel.

    Honestly, I'd be lost without my workbook.

  4. hahaha I put stuff in shoe boxes.

  5. I'm a compulsive list maker. I have lists all over the place. sometimes I have to go through and unify all my lists into one up-to-date list. It's really strange and surprisingly unorganized.

  6. I love paper and pen too. I keep a three ring binder/loose leaf paper...with tabs, of course!

  7. I do something similar to this where I have various notebooks- but they are NOWHERE near as organized as yours are!

    Sometimes I find myself on the floor with sheets and sheets of scrawled, ripped, legal pad pages scattered everywhere...

  8. You are one up on me. I tend to over think everything and then tell myself to write things down, but then forget to follow through with my own advise.

    *Mental note... no more mental notes must get a notebook*

  9. oh,ME too!! I have notebooks for everything,all over the house.

    You should have seen our notebook we used for homeschooling. Every Notebook Enthusiast who saw it ooh-ed & aah-ed over it haha!

  10. You're so organized! I need to take a page out of your book(s).