Monday, January 26, 2009


It's cold and dreary out, and even the coffee can't perk me up.
I woke up and did the computer thing: email, convos, twitter, myspace, blog.
Then I put tags on all the merchandise I'm giving to Dwelling Spaces. I really need to look into getting better tags. That's going on my "look into" list.
Here are the things I've been working on all weekend that will be at Dwelling Spaces this week, maybe. Oklahoma is expected to get our annual winter storm this week. Ice, ice and more ice. So, we'll see.

Anyways, you will be able to find Burl there!


We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...
After posting the yeti photo Riley and I went to the store to get groceries before the weather got bad. I couldn't tell how bad it was until my car skidded a bit past the stop sign. On our way to the store everyone was going 20 mph in a 50 mph street.
I knew road conditions weren't good but I totally under estimated the parking lot.
I opened my car door, stepped out and WHAM fell on my booty. I was still holding on to the car door trying not to slide under. I should have known not to wear chucks, those are devil shoes when it comes to bad weather. My booty still hurts.
Ok, now back to your regular programming...

Little Bigfoots!

Owl Keychains!

Owl Buddies!

Owl snugglies and zipper pouches are being worked on today! So they'll be there too.
Now let's cross our fingers that the weather gets better so I can drive to Tulsa and drop these babies off!

Have a lovely day everyone! Stay warm!


  1. um hello! Those yetis are way cute!

  2. The brown scarved bunnies are adorable.

  3. Burl is too cute!! As soon as this darn ice clears up, I am going to have to go and check him out at DS.

  4. burl is sooo cute!

  5. HAH! you are so funny!

    i LOVE the yetis!! so adorable!

  6. omg! you're plushies are just about the cutest things ever!!!

  7. I love the little owl buddies, they are adorable!!

  8. I hope your booty feels better soon! I love all of the Burls and Yettis OH MY! You have been working overtime! Your blog is so cute. I have really enjoyed visiting.

  9. Dwelling Spaces, cool!

    I'm in Missouri..the storm is here. I'm just hoping it's enough for class cancellations. :P

  10. I am so obsessed with monsters, I have to get my hands on a yeti or bigfoot eventually. Your squirrels are super cute too. :)

  11. Ice = bad driving. I'll take snow over ice anyday. Cute yetis!

  12. I still think your Yetis are the C*U*T*E*S*T thing ever

  13. Oh so cute..everything!! Bummer about falling down like that, ow.

  14. Your yetis and owls are so cute! (As if you do not know this already)

  15. So cute! A friend gave me a little owl for my birthday.