Tuesday, January 27, 2009

staying indoors

Woke up early this morning to sleet pounding our window, so we decided to sleep in and didn't get out of bed till 11am. I'm glad Riley works with kids, which means he doesn't have to go to work today since everything is cancelled. So, staying safe indoors is the plan today.

I finished owl zipper pouches last night for Dwelling Spaces

The only thing I need to finish are the owl snugglies. Today they will be given life! AKA Stuffed.

I also have big plans to do computer stuff today. It feels like one of those days. I need breaks in between filling orders and I have to start working on Exhibit One Gallery's order tomorrow.

How's the weather where you are? I hope everyone is staying warm!


  1. For some reason the owl snugglies look super cute in an unstuffed pile! Like oven mitts or something...

  2. I saw on the news that most of Oklahoma is in a state of emergency due to the weather! yikes. stay inside! it's getting cold here and supposed to rain and then freeze, I hope that means no school tomorrow too!

  3. I find it infinitely amusing that things are shut down for that tiny bit of sleet. HAHA!

    I used to live in OK so I get that it's a big deal there, but geez.

    Here the weather is STILL snowing and REALLY REALLY cold. Sucks.

    ps I wish my shop was as productive as yours!

  4. Your outside looks like my outside! Whoa!

  5. yay pretty snow!
    boo icy streets!

  6. Thanks for dropping by my blog. No snow here in the UK, just lots of rain, as usual! Love the owl pouches.

    PS The word verification is "tendowls" which seems very appropriate!

  7. It's cold here, and snowing again! Is winter over yet? Can I start burning more fossil fuels to warm the earth?

  8. i just saw your comment on my blog. it was a nice surprise!

    your things are so lovely and psychedelic!and you've got a nice work station... mine's small and cramped. ha ha.

  9. Your pouches look adorable. Sounds like a productive yet snuggly day indoors. :)

  10. Oh hey, I've been meaning to tell you that the girlies I gave your pouches to for Christmas LOVED THEM. They went on and on about how cute and original they were, at which time I took the opportunity to brag on you. I told them that the owl was pretty much your signature, and they felt very honored to have one of their very own. These girls think you are a rockstar now!

    And lol at halfway to halfway to 100, you crack me up. I AM old!!

  11. That was the best part of working at a school....getting the snow days!

    We're in the middle of a snowstorm right now.My kids' school was the only one in the area that DID have school. I suspect they'll be sending them home early.

  12. i love how you added the owls now its totally you.