Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snugglies & soup

The new song on repeat for this week: Factories-Winter Gloves

I finished the owl snugglies for Dwelling Spaces last night. I wish the roads were better so I could drive to Tulsa and drop them off, but not today. And this weekend I'll be in Dallas, so maybe Monday! geez.

Next on the agenda, start working on Exhibit One's order. And eat some vegetable soup. And shop on etsy. I browsed Etsy last night; there are so many amazing things it's so hard to pick! I was searching for headbands, headbands with big flowers or some other amazing adornment, not feathers though, I have enough of those.
So if you (or your favorite friend) have any headbands with flowers or other awesomeness please let me know! I'd love to support my fellow bloggers!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. All those snugglies are darling! And your veggie soup sounds tasty! Good luck on your search for headbands (:


  2. Well I haven't had breakfast yet, so soup does sound yummy. Love the snugglies. You always so organized- Help!

  3. Those owls look soooooo cozy! I just want to pile right in with them!

    Stay warm! I experienced my first ever snowed-in situation during Christmas and was I caught by surprise, having a convertible, not so good, LOL.

  4. Your blog is just SO cute. If I run across any headbands I will let you know.

  5. Way to go!!
    The amount of work you do and your productivity turnout is amazing!

    super f'n cute!

  6. These owls are devine in a line like that!!!

    splendid! ;)

  7. The owls are adorable! Owls happen to be a favorite of mine.