Thursday, January 29, 2009

mini update

Drove to Tulsa today to get more fleece & drop off the goodies at Dwelling Spaces!
Last night I cut out the pieces I'll need to make all of Exhibit One's items.

So tonight, I'll get started putting together the donuts, the burls, owl key chains, owl pins & owl snugglies. Lots of owl action.

I cannot wait until tomorrow. Riley and I are going to Dallas to see my besty friend, Goldie, and my besty band Broken Social Scene! Woohoo! Dallas is only 5 hours away and any time they come close to Oklahoma I have to see them. The only other time I saw them is when they played in Lawrence, KS in 2007.

Ok, I must get to work now. I'll be back to blogging on Sunday so I'll see you then!! Have a fun weekend, and enjoy some Broken Social Scene videos I leave you!

Broken Social Scene- Almost Crimes

Broken Social Scene-Fire Eye'd Boy


  1. omg! i love broken social scene & i love the new squirrels. i wish we had squirrels in my neighborhood but it seems like i'm the only person who has a tree for them to climb! =[

    be careful driving, i hear it's still a mess out there!

  2. Yay, have fun with all your besties :)

  3. Oh, I've missed a few of your posts. It sounds like you've got a couple shops selling your goodies! Yay for you!


  4. I can't wait to see all your cutouts come to life! Hope you have fun at the concert!
    I recently tagged you on my blog!
    hope you don't mind!

  5. You've got a blog award over on my blog!!! Stop by and claim it!


  6. that's awesome. I haven't knitted in a week ROFL, been promoting. hard to cut loose from the computer. sigh.