Sunday, February 1, 2009

the weekend

Happy Feb. 1st!!

On Friday, Riley and I were gathering our things to get ready to go to Dallas to see Broken Social Scene. During this I got an email stating that the show was canceled due to an illness. BUMMER.
So we decided not to go to Dallas and tried to figure out what to do with our weekend. We were planning on going to Lawrence, KS in a couple weeks to do some fabric shopping so we decided to use this weekend to do just that.
So we hit up Sarah's, my favorite fabric store in Lawrence. And watched Slumdog Millionaire at Liberty Hall. That was a truly great movie. I really wish I had pictures for you because Liberty Hall was one rad place.
Anyways, after the movie we went to Replay lounge to see Musee Mecanique, which was very cool to see them play a saw with a bow.
On Saturday, we decided to go ahead and make a trip to Kansas City for some more shopping (at the country club plaza) since it wasn't that far away.
I bought a couple of these skirts, they're really comfy and they can be easily dressed up or casual.

I'm still in a "spend my money" mode.
I just bought a headband on Etsy that's very estela. I can't wait to get it and show you!
I need to hide my card.

Ok, since I've had a leisure weekend it's time to get back to work.
One full hour of The Office today after the Super Bowl! Woohoo!

What will you be watching today?
Super Bowl
Puppy Bowl
The Office (after super bowl)
I'm not watching TV


  1. It's hard to feel bad when you buy craft supplies!

    and I sooo wish I could watch the Puppy bowl!!! no cable, boo

  2. You have had a very fun weekend! Love the cute!

  3. Nice skirt :)

    I don't have TV. Well, I HAVE a TV but not cable or anything like that.And I don't care about the Superbowl.I don't care if it does make me Unamerican! LOL

  4. Oh, so tired.... I've had a LONG weekend of birthday celebrations. Love the skirt!


  5. Little weekend road trips are the best, it sounds like you two lovebirds had a great time!

    I bet that skirt looks adorable on you, I can totally see you in it.

  6. that skirt looks soooo comfy!
    is it a terry cloth material?

  7. The skirt is super comfy! And no, it's made out of a jersey knit.

  8. it looks summer comfy!
    it reminded me of one my mom had when i was a kid...but that was terry cloth....very Jessica Tate from Soap. =]