Monday, February 2, 2009

Procrastination is my BFF

The song on repeat this week here at stelabird headquarters is.....
Paris by Friendly Fires.

It's quite awesome.

Some time ago I ordered these flower cabs

Big & beautiful. And I finally turned them into earrings!

I'm a big fan of big accessories

These are pretty comfortable to wear, they don't weigh down my ear.

and then Riley and I got a little photo booth happy

what a creep

Say hello to a new Owl snuggly! He was created last night

Also did you hear that the Commission has voted for a "Stay of Enforcement of Certain Testing and Certification Requirements of CPSIA"?! This means that they are proposing a 1 year suspension of the burden of lead testing and certification while they take more time to review the rules and plan enforcement! So we get to sell our handmade toys & other children's goodies for at least another year! I'm sure they will get it right next year and we can continue to spread the joy that is handmade.
Please go here for more info!

So some time ago I was visiting the etsy forums and I came across a thread about emailing the buyers after they've made a purchase. Do they email the buyer letting them know they've received payment and when it will ship? And buyers: do you like receiving these emails? To my surprise I saw that a few people didn't send emails and also buyers didn't like receiving them.
Personally, I love getting emails letting me know they've received my payment and when it's expected to ship. But I hardly get them! And it drives me crazy! I'm such a worry wart!
And because of this, I send emails. I thank them, I let them know when it will ship. After reading that thread I decided to try not emailing, but I couldn't! I felt so rude and disconnected. That's the difference with shopping on etsy, don't you want that personal touch? We are small independent businesses, don't we want to give personal, excellent service? I feel like I'm ranting! haha, sorry.
Anyways, please share what you do by answering the polls below.

SELLERS: Do you send an email to the buyer after they've made a purchase?

BUYERS: Do you like receiving emails after you've made an etsy purchase?

Have a lovely day my babies!
Time to stop procrastinating!


  1. all I could think of is 'I want your giant earrings'

  2. them if i bought from someone just t know they sent it out...or any delays. i only send emails if they don't pay that day or if i have a delay in shipping.

  3. I'm chatty. I like sending confirmation e-mails to my buyers and letting them know if anything gets delayed (usually because of winter weather or last year our flooding!). I liked that you sent me an e-mail when I bought the yeti, too! It makes me worry less.

  4. I always email. Always.

    but mostly I agree with Shannon...the earrings really stole the show right off the bat. I need some giant flower earrings.

  5. I do (try anyway!) to send confirmation messages of payment received or atleast that I've shipped the item. Seems like good manners! I like to know as a buyer that the transaction was completed and my paypal isnt just floating around in space!

  6. I love your taste in music...don't you just love photobooth! It provides hours of entertainment for sure! Love the earrings....very darling:)

  7. such cute earrings..i have a big yellow ring just like that that i made =]

    about the comments though, when i'm at work and i get an order it's super easy to send out an email letting them know when to expect their order because i am on a computer all day. but when i'm at home i'm usually working on my crafts and sometimes forget. i LOVE receiving emails though because i will at least know when to expect the package in case the post office spoofs up and looses it.

  8. Can I wait until tomorrow to stop procrastinating? ;)

  9. I e-mail with a thanks and when I shipped their item. They also get an e-mail from paypal when I print their shipping label. So they get notified twice!
    Drives me crazy not to get anything from a seller when I make a purchase. The personal touch is why I buy from etsy sellers! An e-mailed thank you goes a loooong way with me.


  10. HAH! Those pictures of you and Riley are too funny. I love how you look normal and he is totally not looking normal! Teehee.

    I always send an Etsy message once the item has shipped, and I never receive message saying items I purchase have shipped! Lame!

  11. It turns out the briefcase is my manager's, so I need to give it back. But I found some really cute mini aluminum cases online for 9 bucks that come in different colors!