Friday, January 2, 2009

still indecisive in 2009

A couple days ago Riley and I decided to move to Tulsa on March 1st. Well, last night I was a bundle of stress about moving (go figure) so we decided to stick with our lease and move on June 1st. Now we have time to save money and have more time to find jobs & a home. As much as I'm ready to leave Stillwater, I think this is the best choice.
So, I will no longer talk about this because I'm constantly changing my mind!

Here are my latest snugglies! They will probably be entering the shop today.

and I've also been working on these key chains this morning.
They will be going to Blue 7 tomorrow!

now it's time to get back to work.
What are you working on this Friday?


  1. I hear ya girl! Our lease is up at the end of June but i am ready to move out of where we live *now*. We just need to remember that time goes quickly and before you know, you'll be taping up boxes. :)

  2. Seems like you are thinking and making decisions like an adult! I see so many students around me packing up and leaving with no plan, it's sad! I wish you the best with the move! You'll get out a Stillwater in no time! Also, I LOVE those owlie keychains!


  3. As A former profesional mover, Moving is one of the most stressful things a person can do. I have done it hundreds of times for other people and still was stressed when i had to move myself. My advice...start room at a time, don't get causght up in the BIG MOVE and think of it as a series of small ones. Oh and pack up the bathroom LAST!

  4. Ugh, moving. It's so stressful, even just moving within your own city. My move from Orlando to NYC was just an explosion of stress and mess. And we're thinking of moving to California this year! It makes me anxious just thinking about it...

  5. good luck with your moving plans! i absolutely hate moving but its always nice to start fresh.

    ps--i love your etsy shop :)

  6. Those snugglies are super cute. I didn't work today, just hung out with my sister before she flies away tomorrow. :)

  7. Hello there -- I just found you. I'm an Oklahoma blogger, too. And a bird lover -- your owls are adorable.

    I lived in Stillwater a million years ago when I was a college student. Then I moved to Tulsa, where I work now. I definitely liked Tulsa better, though now I'm back in my small hometown north of Tulsa. Good luck on your move.

  8. cute felt creation :)
    happy new year 2009 wish you many hapiness!


  9. Moving is always so stressful! Definitely go with your gut feeling. Hope you get everything figured out.

  10. Hi!! your snugglies are always so cute and soft!
    It's been snowing a lot here!!
    I love the snow!

  11. I love your owl snuggly! They are so cute! Happy 2009! Oh yes i love your shop lots!