Wednesday, February 4, 2009

coffee can't even wake me up

I'm having one of those days where I just feel tired. I feel so heavy and if I lie on couch, I know I will fall asleep. Don't you hate those days? I need about 3 more cups of coffee and 5 redbulls please.

Thank you for all the kind comments yesterday!!
I love change, I love a challenge. I felt like what I have planned for You're a Dreamboat doesn't fit with Stelabird.
Also, I've been working on Stelabird so much I felt like I needed another outlet, awesome fashion accessories! haha
Last night Riley got banner making happy and did new banners for both my shops. Check them out, they rock!
Here are some new things I listed over at You're A Dreamboat

Now I have to finish making owl keychains & pins! Let's hope I can stay awake.


  1. good luck with your new endeavors

  2. The new banners are super cute! Just like you- ooo!

  3. I'm feeling your pain with the fatigue. I'm going on day two with little sleep. Both banners look great! Tell Riley, he did a great job.

  4. lovely! I too added some jewelry to my Etsy store - just two pairs of earrings, but was thinking of opening a second shop. I did sell a pair already tho. made mesmile.

    BTW- The weather up north always makes me super sleepy! I am thinking about an afternoon coffee, but worry about falling asleep tonight. Vicious cycle.

  5. I just had a day like that on Saturday. I took a shower and went back to bed with my towel around my body and my head...I woke up and my hair was almost dried. (of course it was not pretty)

    great job with the banners btw!

  6. I just started drinking coffee again kinda regular and for me usually one cup is plenty to keep me wired through the day, more and I get the shakes. I also have to drink it before 11 am or I can't sleep. But I have been working round the clock for the last week and yesterday even a triple mocha could not keep me from drifting off when I mistakenly sat on the sofa. I finally got some sleep last night but at my age it takes a week to "recover', LOL.

  7. Ahh, yeah. I'm a nightowl but I need to switch that around now that I have mornings and afternoons off!

    I read somewhere if you drink a cup of coffee and then take a a half hour nap, the coffee starts kicking in while you are asleep and then you wake up totally re-energized! I haven't tried it personally though. :]

  8. OH cute! I love the rose rings! I might have to buy one!! I still cant get over the beautiful earrings your sister had in that one picture!! aarrgghhh!! Also your boyfriend did a wonderful job on your banners! YAY BF!

  9. I love the new things you are working on! You're kicking arse! P.S. Your fabulousness has been tagged, my friend.