Thursday, February 26, 2009

poo steppin'

Last night Riley and I went to Enid to put on the second coat of paint in the living room.

Here we are pop n' lockin' in some awesome paint suits!

The painting didn't last but only a couple hours because we ran out of paint and Lowe's was already closed. Bummer.
But I think the plan is to pack all next week and be in Enid and continue working on the new house! I'm excited to set up my craft room.

For today's wreck this journal I was working on the page that has you list more ways to wreck the journal. Well, not only that but I decided to do one of them. I decided to do #3, play tug of war with your dog!

So we had my parents' dog Rocko help us out.

Expect he didn't want to play tug of war so we had to opt for just plain ol' fetch, except he doesn't believe in fetching.

WARNING: There is audio so if you are at work or prefer to not listen please turn down your speakers. Also, there is some blair witch type footage, I hope you don't get motion sickness. :)

So I finally got my journal a little dirty! Thanks Rocko!!

And poor Riley stepped in a pile of poo, so..sad day for him.

We needed to complete #3 so we headed over to Riley's parents' house to try and get their puggle, Max to do the job! This guy is spunky and fun so we knew he would be up to the challenge!

Except he wasn't at all.

And the reason he stops running around at the end is because he steps in his own poo. It was a poo steppin' in kind of day.
I had to add a new way to the list since #3 never got accomplished.

Enjoy your day!! Watch out for poo!


  1. The footage of Rocko running around with the book was cracking me up. Loved it!

    Happy moving. :)


  2. I think that was my favorite post I've seen in your blog so far, how funny!! The picture of you and Riley popin' and lockin' brought me some serious lulz. And I loved hearing you giggle as your parents' pup took off like a madman with your journal. Very entertaining!

  3. My dog (also half pug) would have done just what the puggle did. She's not a chewer or anything like that. She'd just look at you quizzical and insist on tummy pets.

    Wreck This Journal looks like so much fun! You've made me want to try it.

  4. You two look adorable in those pics! Love the puppy!

  5. I love the pictures you are taking of your journal.. it's looking really colourful. even the ones in the previous post


  6. hahaha!! Rocko did a great job with the WTJ!! Now I can finally stop telling you that you keep making the journal look pretty :)... he definitely was a bit rough on it!

  7. Oh my god! Best videos ever! I love how Rocko acts like he has a prize, ha. I love dogs! Well done.

  8. Those are the cutest dogs!!! I haven't gotten mine dirty yet. I have to really start wreckin and quit making pretty.

    It looks like you guys are going to do great in Enid!

  9. LOL, maybe I can get Zira our cat to do something to our journals, hee

    "Watch out for poo!"


  10. Ahh I have the "wreck this journal" too! It's so hard to wreck it 'cause I just don't like to do that to books! But the things they tell you to do in there is hilarious! Especially the one saying "bring this page in the shower with you" haha. Love it! I need to update mine, it's just sitting there! Yours is looking good ;)