Monday, February 23, 2009

make me beautiful

Song on repeat for the week....
I Woke Up Today by Port O'Brien

(Kinda) an oldie but (definitely) a goldie!

How was everyone's weekend?! On Saturday I went to Blue 7 to drop off new owl pillows!! If you live in the OKC area go check them out!

On Sunday, Riley and I woke up early and drove to Enid to start painting the new house that we will move into in about 2 weeks.

We headed to Lowe's to get some paint and ended up getting the same color (aqua glow) that we painted my old craft room/our current bedroom. We just love it too much.

Remember that nasty red & gold combo on the wall? Gone!

The future craft room!

(ignore the blue tape!)

Next we moved on to the future bedroom. This room was a sand color but we decided to use the Aqua glow in this room as well.

So here is the after photo:

I will admit, the first part of the day I was a terrible working buddy. I was busy being grossed out by all the dead bugs (I know, I know) while I was edging. So my mom stopped by and picked me up to run errands and released Riley from my whininess.
After Dinner I stole my mom's cleaning supplies & was ready to work!

Also, yesterday was my first time to use one of those magic erasers. THOSE THINGS ARE MAGIC! I was erasing crayon marks off glass & walls with ease! I was erasing everything! They are truly addicting.
Then after I did some cleaning I got to work on edging again

The last thing we did last night was begin to edge the living room.
Before, it had white walls with a pink tone. It didn't do the room any justice.

Today we woke up early and got straight to work. Our goal was to finish the first coat of the living room.
We are painting this room a soft green called Green Monsoon.

I love the openness in my craft room! I don't think I'll feel alone and claustrophobic in this room.

I did this a couple days ago!

Be sure to check out Jo's blog to see what she's been doing to her journal!!

Have a fantastic week everyone! Let's finish up February 2009 with a bang!


  1. our old house by TU had a door exactly like that! ours was pink when we moved in. isn't painting fun...

  2. That blue is so pretty with the hardwood floors!

    I just did the four letter word page in my WTJ. It's not as cute and colorful as yours though!

  3. omg i'm so jealous of your new living space! i can't wait til i can get a new space that i can paint up & create a craft room in! wee!

  4. It's looking great! I envy those wood floors of yours! The colors you chose are beautiful~

  5. You're picking great colors! I once had a living room in almost the exact same green color. It was one of the best paint jobs we ever did.

    I love painting rooms... have fun!

  6. The house looks great! YOu guys are working fast! It is always better to get everything painted before the furniture gets there.

  7. Nice!Looking good :)

    I'll have to check out the song.

  8. The paint really makes all the difference in the new house, doesn't it?! So now are you getting excited to be in there? :) (FREE RENT!)

    Oh! If we were supposed to play eye spy with your journal... eye spied two words that had 5 letters instead of four! Child and Hello.


  9. You are making that house look awesome! Are you gonna host a TCM crash party some time so we can explore the wild world of Enid? :)

  10. Love the new colors for your house! They are so soothing! Magic erasers rule my world is amazing what they take off!

  11. Its wonderful how a new coat of paint can really fix up an old house/appartment. Our apartment was white white white! YEACH! Cheryl added color and now it feels like home. ( White is insane assilum/ hospital. NOT cozy living space)

  12. I want to paint my room jadeite green.... I love the colors your chose

  13. Aqua Glow looks beautiful, good to stick with something you already love. Thanks for posting some in progress shots, can't wait to see it all finished. :)

  14. The color is much improved in your room! My new wood block painting would be beautiful in there. Hee.