Thursday, February 19, 2009

yay it's Thursday!

Last night Riley and I went to Enid to start cleaning up the new place where we will be living.
Riley was being Mr. Clean, sweeping the whole house and using goo gone to remove candle wax from the counter while I was being lil' miss sneeze my brains out.

He also is giving me a whole room for my studio!!!! I'm so excited to have so much space!!

It has a closet in there that is perfect for holding all my fabrics! It also comes with a creepy Coraline door so I can visit my other mother. See it at the bottom left? There are also more shelves on the other side that is great for holding all my packaging supplies. Yay!!

We're going to start painting the place on Sunday. I'm keeping the stenciled wall in my future craft room but we are painting the 2 other walls, since it's a terrible red and gold! Don't worry the parents didn't do it, they have better taste than that.

I'm excited to decorate all over again!

On today's agenda I'm finishing up the owl snugglies for Blue 7.

They'll be there this Saturday! I'll be making the trip to OKC to drop them off and then have lunch with my seester.

And....since we are moving in 2 weeks the boxes have entered the house.

ugh! I'm not looking forward to the packing.

I've been a bad journal mom this week! But I promise there will be wreckage next week. No making pretty, but some WRECKAGE! I think I'm ready for a little tear or something. I find it really hard to tear, rip, throw, etc. I feel bad! haha, I know that's the whole purpose but I love to take care of my belongings. I'll have to get over it.
I'm working on a few pages right now, but they aren't complete.
Such as: Collecting the stamps from my mail!
I need more mail with those stamps! Send me some mail! ha

I'm very happy it's Thursday! I love Thursdays. Good tv night :)
Have a wonderful day everyone!!


  1. I don't think I've ever seen anyone exclaim "yay it's Thursday!" before! :D

    WHAT is behind that tiny door? Have you been brave enough to open it?

    The windows look HUGE!? I only have one window in my studio - natural light until, um, noon :(

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  2. i had a cute idea of having 'craft pen pals' can get tons of stamps that way! lol.

    i put in on my blog.

  3. That's so awesome you are getting an entire room for your studio! That door is REALLY spooky though, but maybe you can find a purpose for it.

    I can't wait to see pictures after the painting happens..

  4. Blogger Maria-Thérèse said...
    WHAT is behind that tiny door? Have you been brave enough to open it?

    *Riley says Narnia but it's just water lines to the bath tub. Not fun

  5. How nice is that room all for yourself? My sewing room was turned into a nursery - and now I share with the guest room. I'm jealous of your new space!

  6. I think your own studio is a major plus for moving back to your hometown :) Congrats! I can't wait to see your decorating.

  7. Yay! You get a cute room all to yourself! That door is really creepy..we have one in our basement and let me tell you it does NOT lead to Narnia...oh but I wish it did! Have fun the hardwood floors by the way!

  8. How weird is this.... I too am due to be out of this place in two weeks and in a new spot!

    No boxes yet.

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  9. You sound much better today! I love the new place. The floors are gorgeous! I think you will love it there! I am still waiting on my journal. I really thought it would be here today. I am a little bummed. I am ready to start wrecking.

  10. i can't wait to come visit you in your new house in enid! I'm sad that its not tulsa but your free house looks pretty awesome!

  11. Angela said...

    You sound much better today!

    *I feel a lot better about the move! I was bummed for a few days but I'm young & I'll take this as an adventure, and a new place to decorate!

  12. Haha, I love the little Coraline door. I just got done reading that book a few night ago.

    The new house is really cute, I think this will be a good thing.

  13. I wish you much happiness and love in your new place <3

    Hahah, I'm with you on the actual wrecking things part. We started tonight! At first I was all making it pretty with glitter and then I looked over a my Beau tearing into his cover and got inspired to scratch, lol. It was hard to do and I think I still did pretty to an extent but it's a start.

  14. That's so exciting about your new studio!! Woohooo!!!!

  15. Aww, so cute! I bet you're so excited. I'm actually moving soon, too! Moving out march 13th :) Good luck w/ your move!

  16. Oh, what a wonderful studio space. Technically I have a whole other room as a studio space, but I get so lonely in there...
    So, its in my dining room.

    Could you please open the Coraline door and let me know whats in there. I have to know. Are there little stuffies hiding in there?


  17. I want that journal!!! I have pen pals all over the world so it would be cool at least for that page! How exciting you get your own room for crafts!!! Jealous!