Thursday, March 12, 2009

the wall

I was over the moon excited! Now I can complete my wall in the craft room.
These come from
She is hands-down my favorite photographer. I can never wait to see what she'll list in her shop!

and she even sent along these adorable deer pins!! AH!

So here is the wall of etsy art!

We have on this wall:
prints from Stacey Winters!!
Lovely Deer

Blue Bird

Squirrel's Friend

prints from Berkley Illustration!
Squirrel Lady & Raccoon

Billy Goat

Panda & Great White Shark


and a print from The Black Apple
Birdcage Girls Trio print

I also got in this poster!
Keep Calm and Carry On from

I believe we all need this poster!
I know when my bobbin starts being lame or my hands have a mind of their own that I start cussing up a storm and throw in the towel! This print will remind me to stop stressing over nothing...maybe. I'll let you know.

I plan to get more prints in a month or so. I'm looking for prints with animals on them. Particularly woodland creatures. So if you have prints of woodland creatures let me know!!

It's 28 degrees here in Oklahoma...and it's snowing. WHAT THE HELL OKLAHOMA!!!!
I think you forgot it's March. The month you decide to stay above the 60s. Remember? Not this time? Oh, ok. You suck.


  1. I SO want to do this to my studio!! It's in the works. I've got a bunch of prints picked out, I just need to get them ordered and stop being so sick this month so I can get something done!! I LOVE your wall of Etsy prints. :) Very well put together!

  2. Looks great! I think I need one of those keep calm signs, too :P

  3. Hey Estela! I wanted to let you know that I chose you as one of the 10 to receive The Lemonade Award! Check out my blog to see what that's all about. Have a great day! :)


    PS- Those prints are AWESOME! I loved Stacey's Christmas cards with the glittery dear on them SO much!

  4. I am coveting your walls and artwork. I'm super jealous. =P

  5. Your art wall is fantastic! I plan on working on some art and my art wall today. I do not have any woodland creatures in my shop...but I will keep my eyes open for you.

    It is cold as heck here too. I don't understand.

  6. i love berkley illus. !!!!!
    i just got a buncha black apple stuff.... i dunno where i wanna put them yet tho.

  7. too cute! i love Emily's art at the black apple.

  8. love the art! The shark with the tie is super excellent:)

  9. hahaha i love your wall!!! full of animal goodness!

  10. Great prints!!! I love your craft room :)

  11. I love your wall of etsy art and you sewing spot is fantastic!

  12. Thank you for posting about my prints. :) Your wall is absolutely wonderful and my woodland creatures are so happy to be in their new home keeping an eye on you while you work.

    I put a note about you in today's post on my blog, glad you liked the pins, too.

  13. aw - it's coming together so well! and i love the prints you've collected so far!

    as a side note, i have prints! and have a fascination with animals and woodland creatures as well lol.

    you might like this one:
    (it comes in a print as well)


  14. Ok I know I already left a comment but this is totally unrelated...

    I have an award for you! :)

  15. cute wall! those prints are really fun!

  16. I love the bluebird and squirrel prints!! Your room looks awesome - again, I wish I could have a sewing room all to myself again. *sigh*. Maybe if we move to a bigger house. I bought one of those thread holders- can't wait to put mine up on the wall! :-) CONGRATS on the new digs! I hope you are feeling better abount moving back to Enid.