Monday, March 16, 2009


Oh me, oh my. SXSW is this week and I'm sad & envious of all those that get to bathe in the glory of great music. XMU is rubbing it in our faces by showcasing all the bands that will be there. Austin is only about 8 hours away! We can't afford a wristband or a hotel room. We would probably sleep in my CRV. Do you have to have a wristband? Can I volunteer to pick up trash and get a free one? I need answers and I can't find them. I'm bummed. The action starts Wednesday.
If I were able to go this is who I'd like to see:
Port O'Brien, M Ward, St. Vincent, Camera Obscura, Winter Gloves, Dosh, Human Highway, The Decemberists, Grizzly Bear, Passion Pit, Castledoor, Tori Amos, Matt & Kim, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, Handsome Furs, Blitzen Trapper, The Thermals, Horse Feathers, Beach House, The Bird and the Bee, Au Revoir Simone, Okkervil River, Marnie Stern, and Titus Andronicus. That's only who I would want to see for sure. There will be tons of new bands I haven't discovered!! Grr!
So since it's Monday and I usually do the song on repeat this week I will list a few that will be at SXSW.

If you are going to SXSW please check these 2 bands (our friends): Other Lives & Colourmusic.

Black Tables by Other Lives

by Colourmusic (you can catch Riley at the beginning of the video)

If Looks Could Kill
by Camera Obscura

Daylight by Matt & Kim

The Rake's Song by The Decemberists

by Beach House

Violet by Thao with the Get Down Stay Down

And today I am sporting my lovely hedgie brooch from as well as one of my favorite rings from

I got to get out of my house now because it's Spring Break and the neighborhood kids are outside being kids. This is why I shouldn't have kids. They are driving me crazy.


  1. ohhhhh....I hate it when there's something that great going on and i can't go!! I hope you figure out a way to go.Those are some must-see acts!

  2. Oh, I'm so jealous. I love all of those bands. Dang poverty!

  3. You have great taste in music

  4. Maybe you could hock something and find a cool Etsy person to crash with in Austin :)

    I would love to go too! Good luck! Hey...go promote your shop on Etsy and make the money! You can do it!! You have 2 days!

  5. the music! The Decemberists and Matt and Kim are my favs...I know what you mean about crazy kids on spring break!

  6. Y'all should go! You can camp in my backyard. SXSW is totally confusing so don't worry about not getting it, I think they do that on purpose. It's all about going and trying to get into shows and stumbling upon cool music. There are a lot of free shows (and free food and beer!) during the day. I would check a lot of local Austin websites for tips- like,, the Austin Chronicle, and I guess a lot of information is given out closer to when shows happen and there are a lot of surprise shows and such. If the band is already pretty well known it's a good chance you need a wristband, but big bands also come and do multiple shows- some of which are free and some you don't need a wristband but need to buy a ticket. Any show at Auditorium Shores (M.Ward) and Waterloo Park is free.
    Basically you just have to go and run around and eat and drink and find music!

  7. !! That Matt and Kim video is SO cute!
    I have that song on my iPod but I had no idea the video was so random! (hehe, they were in a fridge!)

  8. i was going to go to sxsw but my friend didn't have room for us in her tiny apt cause she was already having visitors! i was sad :( but it's always sooo crowded and my friend who lives in austin says the wristbands usually aren't worth it because you still have to wait in line. doing the free rsvp's online is usually the best way to go even though the bands usually aren't always who you wanted to see. enjoy your springbreak! and have fun at andrew bird! my boyfriend wanted to go but we are low on cash.

  9. ahhh! the colours! the colours on you and you in that photo! wowza!