Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing green? Does my bracelet count?

The great thing about living in Oklahoma when SXSW (south by southwest) comes around is that some bands will make a pit stop here! Such as Andrew Bird! He will be in Tulsa tonight! woohoo! And Passion Pit & Ra Ra Riot will be in OKC tomorrow.

*SIDE NOTE* I just saw the cutest white kitten prancing outside my window. I grabbed my camera and bolted out the door but the kitten saw my scariness and ran away. Rats!

Ok, so anyways, Riley & I are headed to Tulsa to see the greatness that is Andrew Bird. First we will be traveling to Stillwater to drop off some owl buddies for Exhibit One Gallery!

I know I've been blowing up the youtube videos already this week but I must include some Andrew Bird! Sorry! Kinda, not really

Andrew Bird as Dr. Stringz

Not a robot, but a Ghost by Andrew Bird (my favorite from his latest album Noble Beast)

Here's my latest wreckage! This had no creative process whatsoever. I just poured my coffee on my journal and made a mess on my table. So yea, boring one today. Well, it kinda looks like a bigfoot toting around his baby on his back. Yea? No? Ok fine.


  1. Happy St. Paddy's Day! Green bracelet totally counts! I see a giant bird statue, like the fancy kind you see on the bridges around here. Andrew Bird is gonna be a great show!

  2. Love Andrew Bird! And Ra Ra Riot! Have fun at the show...

  3. I love those owls!

    Have fun with Andrew Bird!!

  4. great blog!! I found you via Pulp Sushi...

    we have similar taste in music! Have fun at the show :)

  5. HAH!!!! Bigfoot with a baby is all I see now! Now I wish for that on a t-shirt, weirdo that I am :P