Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last night Riley and I got to see Andrew Bird at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa. We were there early and were able to be up front and center. It was an amazing show that was wildly entertaining and I caught myself just staring in amazement. I felt pretty creepy! Since Riley and I were so close we had to deal with some obnoxious people. Such as the drunk girl behind me who was louder than the music, screaming and clapping at random (quiet/not necessary) parts and was so close to me she kept clapping my hair and elbowing me in the shoulder. She apologized, which was nice but of course apologizing doesn't mean you're going to stop. She, once, even played with my hair. Yikes. I didn't let that bother me, I kept enjoying the show and I was not moving.
I really failed in the department of picture taking! They are blurry and bad, and I'm sorry but I'll go ahead and share anyways.


(no shoes, just green and gray striped socks)


  1. Isn't there some unwritten rule of concert etiquette that says "you should definitely not play with the hair of the girl in front of you if you do not know her--no matter how drunk you are"? Let's now consider it a written rule! haha!
    I heart Andrew Bird and am trying not to let the jealousy ruin my Wednesday. Glad you enjoyed the show! (and way to go for not letting the annoying drunk girl ruin it for you!!)

  2. So glad you had fun...even if drunk girl was kind of annoying! I agree that there is some unwritten rule about not playing with other people's hair at concerts...

  3. I am glad you had a good time...even if your hair did get fondled.

  4. I'm going April 9th! I can't wait.

    That's too bad about the obnoxious people around you...but pretty funny she was playing with your hair....CREEPY.

  5. I love the bracelets you are wearing in the previous post!