Friday, March 20, 2009

Last night I made felt birds and listened to the song below repeatedly.
This song begs to have felt birds made to it.
Crooked Legs by The Acorn

Here are the piles of felt waiting to be transformed and taken to Dwelling Spaces and Collected Thread (a new location I will be selling at in OKC). The other stack is for my shop and for a craft show coming up in April!

Yesterday I also completed my new owl pillows that I will be listing in my shop next week.

My big plans for the weekend is finish making the felt birds and move on to the little owls.
What are you doing this weekend? Any good movies out for rent? We rented Milk and Religulous (which were both very good) last weekend.
Also did anyone see The Office last night?! What's going on?! I can't wait till next week!!!


  1. Love the new owlies!! I think I may have to add another one to my collection!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. great song! I've listened to it 3 times now. Of course, I'm doing fun felt-bird making. I'm doing laundry. bleh....

  3. Milk made me cry!! I'll have to catch up on the Office online. :D Right now I'm addicted to House, haha.

    Would you be interested in contributing to our swag bags for SORR? The info is in my newest blog!

  4. Nice birds and owls! Heading to Florida for vacation tomorrow YIPEE. We started taking movies out of our library - and one we love "Thank You for Smoking"...a chick-flick I like "Definitely, Maybe". Let me know what you think if you rent these. I plan on more current films on vaca when I have mom and dad to babysit. :-)

  5. Movies to rent:
    - The Last Tycoon (young Al Pacino, set in 1920s love story)
    - Total Recall (Arnold Swartzenager, set in future, just a crazy movie)
    - Children of Men (the future if no one could have babies! ah.)

    That's all I have for now. Good luck with your show!

  6. hello new birdies :)

    This weekend I might start up a small garden, seems everyone did it last week so I'm already behind.

  7. Oh, how cute! I did some birdies too last night! you can see them in my blog... greetings from saarbruecken /germany

  8. GREAT song! Love your birds...they are adorable! I missed the Office on Thursday, I have to catch up this weekend.

  9. oh my goodness!! The Office was CRAZY! I'm shocked!! What just happened!?!? ahhh!!!
    (haha. - love the new owl pillows btw! I see woodgrain!!!)

  10. I love the song! The birds are so adorable! I love how you make a little assembly line.

  11. I fancy the felt birdies you are making! I think even a baby would like to look at that hanging from his crib..